Deverra Farm Ltd, in its structure has a plant for the production of herbal extracts, resinoids, oil and pg extracts, as well as some types of oleoresin and  extracts of fruits and vegetables. Herbal extracts are widely used in industries such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, industry of paints, varnishes and cosmetics.

Extracts of herbs are obtained by using suitable solvents that enable maximum utilization of all the active ingredients from plants that we need to obtain in  order to further process products.

In the specially designed facilities, under the supervision, and laboratory control, Deverra Farm is equipped for the production of a large number of plant extracts. Policy of Deverra Farm lies in the exploitation and processing plants from the mountains of southern Serbia, as well as cultivated plantations and wild hand-picked plants growing in this region.

Extracts of plants, in addition of bring out the best quality of raw materials by themselves, are safe and stable as raw materials in all industries because they are healthy, bacteriological correct, safe for human consumption in the long term and as such represent the future of these industries.