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Deverra Farm Ltd, is a production-oriented company, specialized in processing medicinal herbs harvested from the mountains of southern Serbia. Deverra Farm is technically equipped for storing, drying, processing raw materials for the tea industry, production of spices, pure essential oils, herbal extracts and fruit and vegetable extracts. The company's headquarters are located at the foot of Radan mountain, in the village of Ždeglovo, municipality of Lebane, on a total area of about 4.5 hectares, with production facilities totalling 3000m2.

The company is equipped with facilities for processing medicinal herbs and vegetables and is divided into the following units:
-Sector for the production of pure essential oils from:
-Juniper berries (Juniperus communis L.), Chamomile (Matricariachamomillae), Yarrow (Achillea milefolium). Oil is produced by hydro distillation using high pressure steam.The plant is organized for its own production, as well as for service processing for subcontractors who have their own plantations of medicinal herbs.
Production plant for natural extracts.
- Ethanol extracts
- PG extracts
- Oleorozini

All herbal extracts are produced in a completely natural way, using natural solvents, to allow maximum yield of active substances which every product contains naturally in itself.

-Plant for the production and packaging of DEVERRA herbal drops
-Plant for the production and packaging of gels, body cremes and herbal cosmetics
-Plant for processing of medicinal herbs