Deverra Farm LTD

Deverra Farm Ltd, is a production-oriented company, specialized for processing medicinal herbs harvested from the mountains of southern Serbia. Deverra Farm is technically equipped for storaging, drying, processing raw materials for tea industry, production of spices, pure essential oils, herbal extracts, extracts of fruits and vegetables. The company's headquarters is located at the foot of the Radan mountain, village Zdeglovo, municipality Lebane, on the area of about 4.5 hectares, with production halls of the total area of more

Juniper processing

uniper (Juniperus communis L.) is an evergreen shrub. Our production is oriented to the production of essential oils of juniper, exclusively harvested from the area of mountains in southern Serbia. The specificity of the region, where juniper growing shrub, and processed, Deverra Farm has decades of proven quality of essential oils, as well as its high content in mature juniper more